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Seeking Project Manager

JumpStart Georgia is pleased to announce an opening for an energetic and motivated project manager for our new project, Visualizing the News in Georgia. To read about this project in detail, please check out: JumpStart Georgia is… Read More

Election Data Goes Live!

For the first time in Georgia, any organization, be it non-governmental, journalistic, public, or commercial can access election result information as well as voter list information online and in an easy way. Over the past several months JumpStart Georgia… Read More

Is Georgia Committed to the Spirit of the Open Government Partnership?

Today, 31 January, is the deadline for Georgia to submit its updates on their action plan development process, according to the Open Government Partnership’s website. On 20 September President Saakashvili joined 46 other countries in supporting the principles… Read More

Georgia’s 2012 Draft Budget – A Functional Presentation

Thanks to Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi City Assembly for sharing Tbilisi’s 2012 draft budget. We wanted to show in a slightly more intuitive way than the format they gave us how City Hall is proposing to spend… Read More

President Mikheil Saakashvili Pledges to Open Up Government

On 20 September 2011 Mikheil Saakashvili joined 46 other countries in supporting the principles and values put forth in the Open Government Partnership (OGP). This followed on the heels of an open letter by Minister of Foreign Affairs… Read More

Interactive Tbilisi 2010 Budget Treemap

With all the dialog surrounding Tbilisi’s 2012 draft budget, we thought we’d try some new ways to show how the city has been spending your money. Today we present the treemap.  This treemap shows Tbilisi’s 2010 budget summary. … Read More

The Value of Knowing Where the Bus Stops Are

We want to give a big thanks today to the Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC) for sharing geo data with us and supporting our project TbiliCity. They have made large contribution of current bus routing and bus stop data,… Read More

OMC Unveils New Brand, JumpStart Georgia

We are thrilled to announce that OMC (Open Maps Caucasus) will now be known as JumpStart Georgia! Check out the new web site.  This new brand reflects of our evolution in Georgia.  In fall 2009, when we started… Read More

JumpStart Georgia’s Data Live on Google Map Maker

Over the last several years I have heard thousands of complaints and questions by disappointed Georgians and foreigners alike who, while researching Georgia online sooner or later stumble upon the question:  Why is Georgia not on Google Maps? … Read More

Open Maps Caucasus to OMC-J to JumpStart Georgia

In fall 2009, JumpStart International initiated a project to create the first digital, complete, open map of the Republic of Georgia, and we’re proud to say we finished the task.  Open Maps Caucasus-JumpStart, later known as OMC-J, is… Read More