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About Our Map Data

Mapping Local Knowledge

JumpStart International map data is sourced in a variety of ways, but it’s always created through local knowledge.

Republic of Georgia

The National Public Registry of Georgia has provided geodatabases to the public domain and given access to their aerial imagery archive, which represents the core data upon which our efforts are built.  Coupled with updated satellite imagery over urban areas and our teams of organizers and volunteers working the streets with GPS devices, we are developing our most accurate and detailed public domain maps ever.  Geographic layers include roads, buildings, land cover, and points of interest, and may be downloaded in shapefile or kml format.

Learn more about our map data and how we mapped Georgia in 2010 here.

Download Georgia map data here.


With a data set donated from the Palestinian geographic company ATLAS in 2009, along with aerial imagery provided by the Applied Research Institute of Jerusalem, the West Bank data was updated and completed by our mapping teams using GPS and imagery.  Following the war in Gaza in January 2009, we purchased satellite imagery of the Gaza Strip and set a team of nearly 20 mappers to work over the course of two months.

Our Palestine data set is focused on roads and points of interest for both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  The Gaza data has been used to create a tourist map that you can check out here.

If you’re using our map data, you want to but aren’t sure how, or if you have skills or other resources that could enhance this work, we would love to hear from you!