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Tag: Georgia

Seeking Project Manager

JumpStart Georgia is pleased to announce an opening for an energetic and motivated project manager for our new project, Visualizing the News in Georgia. To read about this project in detail, please check out: JumpStart Georgia is… Read More

Election Data Goes Live!

For the first time in Georgia, any organization, be it non-governmental, journalistic, public, or commercial can access election result information as well as voter list information online and in an easy way. Over the past several months JumpStart Georgia… Read More

Is Georgia Committed to the Spirit of the Open Government Partnership?

Today, 31 January, is the deadline for Georgia to submit its updates on their action plan development process, according to the Open Government Partnership’s website. On 20 September President Saakashvili joined 46 other countries in supporting the principles… Read More

Georgia’s 2012 Draft Budget – A Functional Presentation

Thanks to Tbilisi City Hall and Tbilisi City Assembly for sharing Tbilisi’s 2012 draft budget. We wanted to show in a slightly more intuitive way than the format they gave us how City Hall is proposing to spend… Read More

Open Maps Caucasus to OMC-J to JumpStart Georgia

In fall 2009, JumpStart International initiated a project to create the first digital, complete, open map of the Republic of Georgia, and we’re proud to say we finished the task.  Open Maps Caucasus-JumpStart, later known as OMC-J, is… Read More

OpenStreetMap Import

As part of our effort to make all the Georgia map data as accessible as possible, we’re making it available for import into OpenStreetMap, a large open mapping community dedicated to mapping the world. This will offer an… Read More

A Year of Mapping Georgia

by Jeff Haack             26 January 2011 At last, we’ve finally packaged up our Georgia map data!  I’m particularly excited, as this represents the culmination of over a year of work by hundreds of people,… Read More

Part Three – Getting the Data Out There

by Jeff Haack               07 December 2010 This is part three of a three-part series about online maps in Georgia. In my previous installments I covered the basic of online map providers and compared the maps for Georgia. So… Read More