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Tag: map data

JumpStart Georgia’s Data Live on Google Map Maker

Over the last several years I have heard thousands of complaints and questions by disappointed Georgians and foreigners alike who, while researching Georgia online sooner or later stumble upon the question:  Why is Georgia not on Google Maps? … Read More

The winds of change

The winds of change have been blowing through our Tbilisi operations… We are welcoming two new staff to the team in Tbilisi while we say nakhvamdis (Georgian for “good-bye”) to JumpStart’s program director Jeff Haack.  Jeff led JumpStart’s… Read More

Mashing Georgia’s Collective Data

Today Transparency International Georgia launched, an online tool that allows residents of Tbilisi to highlight concerns and publicly report problems about their streets. is an iteration of MySociety’s that has been highly successful in putting… Read More

OpenStreetMap Import

As part of our effort to make all the Georgia map data as accessible as possible, we’re making it available for import into OpenStreetMap, a large open mapping community dedicated to mapping the world. This will offer an… Read More

A Year of Mapping Georgia

by Jeff Haack             26 January 2011 At last, we’ve finally packaged up our Georgia map data!  I’m particularly excited, as this represents the culmination of over a year of work by hundreds of people,… Read More

Part Three – Getting the Data Out There

by Jeff Haack               07 December 2010 This is part three of a three-part series about online maps in Georgia. In my previous installments I covered the basic of online map providers and compared the maps for Georgia. So… Read More